Asperger’s or Autism

Learning more about it

Meliha Avdic
6 min readApr 30, 2022


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Asperger’s is trending on Twitter, of course it is, Elon said he has it. So now we all have to know about it. Which is a good thing, because we should know. This syndrome or disorder is affecting an increasing number of people.

As always, I clicked on the trending topic and read a bunch of posts. Most of the posts were about how Asperger’s is no longer the right word for it, highlighting how Asperger was a Nazi who killed children.

But a few posts caught my eye. The first one was a list of ‘signs’ that you might have the condition.

Using myself as a lab rat I can say that I have repetitive tenancies. It’s just small things, but I always thought it’s because I am not great with change, yet we live in an ever-changing world. So having these little things that remain the same, and fighting to keep them the same, makes me feel like I have something to depend on, something to cling to.

Furthermore, I thought this might be connected to my ‘daddy issues’ — I’ve never had a father I could depend on, and a girl needs something or someone she can depend on. So I thought my dislike of change is connected to that, and then my repetitive behaviour is connected to my dislike of change. Having said that, I can prepare for change and I am always ready to react to change, and I can function pretty well under pressure. So… Having things that don’t change is just about avoiding something I don’t like, not something I can’t cope with.

I do not have problems understanding emotional issues. In fact, I’ve always been good at emotions. It’s my stronger side. I can tell other people how they feel, and I’ve shown great empathy from a very early age. This is why I had my grandfather’s protection. I was about 3 when he was still sad about my grandmother's passing. He picked me up, put me on his lap, I gave him a kiss and told him that to me he smells like a rose. That was it. After that, I was his ‘dunyaluk’ (world) and he was not a man to mess with. But he died when I was seven.

I can see the world from another person’s perspective, but that does not mean I…



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