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Dinner from Hell

Meliha Avdic
4 min readJan 25, 2022

Photo by Lukas Meier on Unsplash

I’m doodling a little story about morals in this world. The plan is to let 10 people who are in the depths of hell, out of hell for an evening. Each of those ten people will get an invitation to a dinner party and they can bring a guest, dead or alive. I haven’t yet settled on who those ten might be, but I figure I’ll try out different scenarios and see how it plays out.

I’ve just been toying with the idea that Genghis Khan invites the richest man on earth to be his guest so that he can use the guy’s money to get out of hell. Simple idea, right? Stupid, but simple and can lead to a great conversation about us humans.

I started by googling who is the richest man. Some dude called Elon Musk. I remember seeing him on The Big Bang Theory, but that was it. I confess I had ideas of what he must be like since he’s, apparently, according to google search engine, the richest man. In fact, he became that during the pandemic. Let’s be honest, you put these dots together and you do not get a pretty image. Which was great for me because I need that kind of character interacting with Genghis Khan.

After hours of research, blooming heck that guy is not it, not what I expected or what I need. He said he doesn’t have off-shore accounts. I assumed all the rich had these accounts, in fact, I thought that’s why these accounts exist.

He paid craploads in tax. Say what? I thought our politicians worked hard to keep loopholes in the taxation system so that the rich could avoid paying. I would expect politicians not to like this dude. I mean, it’s just ungrateful that he doesn’t use those loopholes, right?

If he had a stick up his arse, I would consider it normal. Wait… now that I’ve mentioned normal, his ideas are not what I would label as normal. In fact, his idea for warming up Mars is a little out there; no pun intended. I don’t know how to repeat, what he wants to put where, but the way I see it… You know when someone falls asleep on your sofa and you put a blanket over them so they’re warm, well this idea sounds more like putting a firecracker up their arse. I’m not sure, but that’s how it sounded to me. Poor, poor Mars, humans are coming. Kidding, of course. Any planet that has us is a blessed and honoured planet.

Meliha Avdic

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