I Got Accepted

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I feel kinda bad I wrote my last article, but I swore I wouldn’t delete any articles — just a personal choice to see how I’m growing as a writer and to expose myself to my own ridicule, yet leave it public.

Having said that, I really was insulted when I got another automated rejection without explanation. I had no idea what the problem was, though I had a guess; I thought it was my current location. And then, this afternoon I just got the acceptance e-mail.

I have already filled in the tax forms. I have yet to figure out how to connect my Stripe account.

However, now that I have done the tax bit, I think the problem with everyone being paid might be ‘political BS’; the international treaties and all that malarkey. This does NOT mean that it can’t be fixed, but it may mean that Medium can’t do anything about it. Again, I’m not sure. If I had to guess, this would be my guess. In my opinion, it is definitely worth looking into and seeing what we, ordinary citizens, can do. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what might have happened. It could be a glitch in the system — Medium staff made some errors with the setup. Or… Well, here’s a little something about me I don’t really like to share. If you don’t like things that are only half said, please stop reading this article. I’m only writing this because there might be a chance that there was a problem at my end.

Alright, here it goes. In 2006, I used Skype to chat to people — back then, Skype had something called Skype-me mode and you could chat to complete strangers who were not on your list of contacts.

In 2007, I noticed that a number of my contacts had similar ‘misalignments’. This is odd. There is no one in the UK who doesn’t know what ASDA is. Seriously! And there were lots of these little things that were just weird. So I knew they were lying, but I didn’t know about what or why.

I could also tell that they were rich — again, little things people just drop into a conversation. But again, it meant nothing to me.

Then I noticed some articles in the newspapers that had a similarity with my conversations on Skype. I was starting to think: Could it be (a very famous person — never mind who)? I’m a normal woman. Of course, that thought (or question) lasted about a second and then I thought it was all just a coincidence, laughed it off and moved on with my life — I was looking for a job at the time, having just finished my master’s in Voluntary Action Management.

In May 2007, someone who looks just like that guy, the famous one, showed up at my door claiming to be a fireman. They wanted to check our alarms. Lookalikes do exist, I wasn’t going to attack this poor dude and tell him that he’s not who he claims to be because that would be too much of a coincidence.

Weird things continued to happen. I was inching towards believing that maybe it was that guy. But he kept changing his accounts so often, it didn’t seem like he wanted me to know. This was annoying as heck. So annoying, I asked them to leave me alone to chat with other, normal people.

In November of 2007, he asked me to marry him. I thought that was the most insane question someone could ask in that situation. I said ‘no’ a few times, few times I joked that I was busy that week, eventually I thought I’d say ‘yes’ just to see what would happen.

I said ‘yes’ one day, the next day he and his girlfriend were back together, publically. I never heard from him since, or at least not as far as I know.

However, I started to put together some pieces. I was getting way too many rejections. In fact, since then, I can’t get a positive response online. Yes, 15 years of rejections, well, rejections online. I still get acceptance in person.

The insanity of these individuals (yes, he’s not just a guy, he has like a whole institution behind him, though I think the ‘real bosses’ are his wife and her family) and I’ve had to stop trying to figure it out because that could drive anyone insane, and I’m a war child, I already have issues.

They can not have an endgame, I know that much. The moment I can prove anything, I will file for a restraining order, I don’t care who they are.

That’s all fine and dandy, right? Well, not really, because I hate having to explain this, especially since I don't know the truth. It could be, or it could be not. I just know that getting only rejections is NOT normal. No one lives like that. At the same time, we all get rejected from time to time, so it could all be normal this time.

They owe me millions in fees, and I don’t even know how much in compensation — I set the fees at 10,000 pounds a day, back in 2008, in hope that that’ll make them leave. It was a long shot, but I had to try, I was desperate to get rid of them. Besides, I figured, they’ll either leave or I’ll get a lot of money from them. So far I have not got any money, and I have no idea if they’ve left. If they have, I have the worst luck imaginable. I mean, the kind of bad luck no one has ever heard of.

In short, there is a reason to believe that the rejection was really at my end, but then again, maybe not. And if Medium wants to look into it, that would be great. In fact, I would recommend it. They might just find the shock of their life on the other side. And if they do, I hope they’ll let me know so I can get that restraining order, and finally be free of the f-ing heartless, braindead freaks.

Now you know the strangest thing about me, and it is my pleasure to say that it has nothing to do with me. I doubt I will be mentioning this again. As I said, I hat to think about this, let alone write about it. But I felt the need here, so there it is.

We will now move on to normal things, people, topics and such.

I’m accepted!!! Yay!!! Thank you Medium and thanks to all the great people who make this space so fantastic.



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