Lessons from Bosnia — Part 9

Rule of Law

Meliha Avdic
15 min readOct 23

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Rule of Law versus Rules and Laws — one of the most fascinating things to look at. Especially if you add: Rules of Law — man alive, a whole solution to world peace in just those.

In this case, I will talk about manmade laws; i.e. the written laws that we come up with. There are other laws, like religious, but one that is all-powerful is the law of nature. All these environmental issues are proof that our laws are not above the laws of nature, and if our laws should go against the laws of nature, or ignore them… Yeah, nature is not going to forgive us. Nature takes her laws really seriously.

Laws of nature were, once upon a time, very popular. Nowadays, we hardly ever mention them. We are much too preoccupied with our own laws. And when we talk about the Rule of Law, it is as if nothing is more important. In practice, this is not so clear.

People respect the laws because of the consequences. The assumption is that everyone wants to stay out of prison. Generally, this is true. However, when we pay more attention to life in prison than life outside of prison, this could change. Not that our prisons shouldn’t be ‘corrective’ facilities. They should. But why do we have to wait for a person to commit a crime before we give him/her opportunities to ‘correct’ themselves? Is it because before a crime, we don’t know they need ‘correcting’? If that’s the case, we could work on that.

Of course, prison is not the only form of ‘punishment’, and (let’s be honest) there are all kinds of prisons. Some ‘prisons’ should not even be called that, they are much too fancy. However, there are other popular forms of ‘punishment’ including monetary fines and community service.

The reason we have laws is to create peace and order in our communities. This is why law-abiding citizens do not get a special reward. You know, like, you can park your car correctly a million times, and no one says ‘thank you’. Park it in the wrong place once, and you have to pay a fine. But, the assumption is that peace and order are the rewards for every citizen. Hence, no need for further reward.

Laws have existed for many centuries. Certainly before the invention of paper. They are a reflection of a societal structure, and the best of them are about…

Meliha Avdic

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