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A bizarre experiment. If you play along, tag me.

Meliha Avdic
5 min readOct 17, 2022

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

I just read about this experiment in an article by Linda Caroll and I have t take part right now.

A few days ago I did a similar exercise. We had the first line and 10 minutes to write. I came up with this, and I am not proud of it, but I am going to share it because I want to push myself to be more of a ‘click-publish’ type.

The room is bland, beige — as is the whole house, actually. As I walked around I began to worry that this might be some kind of an institution; the kind of institution that wouldn’t have colour or design patterns of any kind for fear that those might, in some insane way, upset the residents.

We’ve all seen the movies. A woman is led into a room, everything seems perfectly calm and nice until she sees a flower on a wallpaper and she starts screaming, or crying, or biting her nails, or, and this one is the worst, she starts banging her head on the wall until the flower is covered in her blood. Am I in one such institution where balance and peace are kept by removing everything that looks like life?

I know I’ve been having some problems lately. I don’t know if it’s in my head or if there’s some kind of curse…

You don’t believe in curses? Of course you don’t, you idiot. You have to face real, unexplainable hell in this life to believe in curses. Are you facing hell? And NO! Your girlfriend leaving you for your best friend is NOT hell! That’s just a bitch. And trust me, she knows…

Okay. Right. Sorry. This might be why…

As I said, I’ve been having some problems lately. But, is that why my sister brought me here?

Where is my sister? Oh God! Sarah! Sarah!

Oh yeah, she said she’ll go down to see if they have more blankets. Right. But is that where she really went? Maybe she left me here so they can observe me? Are they observing me? What do they think? Oh God! They must think I’m nuts. They think I belong here. They’re going to lock me up.


I’m calm. I can fool them into believing that I’m completely fine. Sarah told me that this is just a B&B. We’re here to rest and talk about everything like we…

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