Tribute to an Amazing Writer

Part 3 — Some new kids

Meliha Avdic
4 min readJun 6, 2022


I miss this guy so much. I’ve never met him, but I feel like I know him, like I’ve always known him. His words reached so many, myself included.

In the first part of the tribute, I wrote about his song called ‘Life is a Sea’ — highly recommend you flick through that one for a bit of a pick-me-up in those dark moments when you feel like life is being a bit of a bitch.

The second part is about war, or ‘as long as there is no war’. With everything going on, I think people might like to hear that some of us believe that natural disasters are nothing compared to a man-made disaster called war.

The song I’d like to bring up here is called ‘Some New Kids’. It’s really about realizing how old you are by seeing some new kids do the kind of stuff you did when you were a kid. For me, this song was always like an ode to childhood, and we could all write our own; we could use this as a template to write our own versions, inserting the things that are particular to our childhood.

Of course, I must mention how kids today do not have a ‘normal’ childhood at all. What on earth has happened to the world — pun intended. Kids no longer have the kind of freedom kids have had for centuries, and that cannot be good. We really need to talk more about this.

But, right now, here’s the song: Djorje Balasevic and Some new kids

Moj deda već dugo — My grandpa has been for a while
Ore nebeske njive — ploughing Heavenly fields
Ali baka još čuva sve stvari — But grandma still keeps all the things
I sliku našeg sveca — And a picture of our Saint
Na dan kad sam rođen — On the day I was born
Tu je posađen orah — a walnut tree was planted there
I u avliji, pod gustom krošnjom — and in the garden…



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